Cow Island

Steve has six cartoon cows that live in his head... They have been there for a few years now. They are him... he is them.

This afternoon, I took a stroll down the towpath of the river and they came with me. Annie just ran around a lot, climbing trees and falling in the water. Norma, Bertha and Horace had a nice quiet walk; Horace may get a poem out of it later.

Captain Bill shouted advice to some of the tourists in their pleasure boats and as for Cyril... I think I saw him selling something to a narrow boat owner. I don't like to ask too many questions of Cyril; what I don't know can't be used against me.

Cow Island has been published online since 2009 and all of the cows (and the great pencil in the sky) would love to hear from any publishers who want to buy them cake.

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If you don't visit Cow Island you wont find out what The Mootilus is or discover The Pickled Heifer. Which would be sad.

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