Memories of places and times

There is something valuable in reviewing your art process. I think we can all get in a rut, I know I do, and end up doing the same thing, the same way. The old adage ‘if you always do, what you’ve always done. You always get, what you’ve always got’ is very true.

So now and then I revisit my process. Small tweaks can make a huge difference.

My work as a landscape painter is to represent a mood and sense of the place, rather than a specific location. I aim for my work to arouse in the reader emotions, possibly memories of places and times. All my work however starts off as a real place. I sketch a lot in the environment, the beach and downs near where I live. I use these sketches as my primary source back the studio. I never ever ever paint from photos. I like to work from my memory and sketches which allow me to access how I felt on the day, in that particular place and time.

Over the last couple of years my sketches have tended to be made swift and fast, daubs from a small watercolour box. However of late I’ve been using pencil. Sometimes I’ve been using coloured pencil. I’m loving this departure. My work is full of mark-making and working from these pencil sketches is giving me a sense of mark-making freedom. I’ve fallen in love with sketching all over again.

Small changes can really have big results. Invigorate your practise and make a little change. It keeps things fresh and exciting.